If A Job’s Worth Doing, It’s worth Getting Someone Else to Do It For You

June 7, 2023


A recurring theme we've encountered at Compass since our inception is the challenge of fully communicating the advantages of our services to firms and clients. Feedback such as "the process is lengthy," "there are numerous questions," and "clients are hesitant to incur advisory fees" are common concerns we aim to address.

The intricacies of SDLT can be daunting, and often, the full impact is only felt when unexpected expenses arise from avoidable mistakes. Our goal at Compass is to bridge this understanding gap, ensuring that the value of proactive and precise SDLT management is clear and appreciated by all parties involved.

At Compass, we’re all about solutions, and radical ones at that. The pay-per-case model wasn’t providing our clients or our agents with the benefits we felt were there to be taken advantage of, so we’ve decided to change the way you use Compass.

Effective immediately, Compass will be moving to a Three Tier Subscription Model.

Concierge is the new premium level, available as our top subscription service.

This subscription level effectively allows your firm to outsource the SDLT part of any transaction entirely. No more wondering how to broach the subject of fees with the client, no more training new staff to use the Compass system. Everything is done for you, leaving your firm to simply benefit from decreased SDLT-related stress and a smoother, easier conveyancing process. Furthermore, the SDLT Return will be submitted with Compass’ name on it rather than your firm, eliminating altogether any risk which arises with being named on the return.

Expert is the medium level subscription. In addition to all of the incredible features of the standard ‘Pro’ Compass software, as well as the personal service of the team so many users have come to love, the client will have full access – where required - to professional advice from Compass, who also act as the Tax Agent, for free.

In this tier, though the firm itself will still deal with any client queries during the purchase process, they will continue receive the full backup of Compass in doing so.

Pro will give you a fixed monthly cost and is the new name of the same Compass you know and (hopefully) love. It gives your staff access to a system that will ensure SDLT returns are handled more carefully and efficiently, with vastly reduced scope for error and an attendant reduction in your PII premiums.

Further information will be released soon, and the new subscription levels are due to launch on *date*, with discounts and additional benefits available to early adopters.

Compass revolutionised the way law firms handle SDLT Calculation and Submission. It was only natural that we’d revolutionise the process again.

"If your solicitor isn’t using it already, it might be time to change solicitors. Get in touch today!"