Our vision is to be the leading technology in property tax.

MacBook mockup
MacBook mockup

The future of property tax

Our mission is to build the future of property tax, today. For too long, it has been stuck in the past, with attempts to innovate but failing to make any progress. It continued to stay manual, laboursome, and fallible. 

We’re out to change that for the better. We’ve built a platform that automates repetitive, labor-intensive tasks and accurately. Our goal is to empower law firms to confidently calculate property tax. Mitigating risk, saving money, and saving time.

Our culture and guiding principles

A supportive hero.

We built our platform to answer the ongoing concern of a complicated problem - property tax.

Our platform was also built to support and empower you, giving you the tools to overcome the pain of calculating tax. Our ambition will always be about putting you first and developing our technology to make your life easier.


The calculator delivers exceptional results by accurately calculating the right tax.


Our people are leaders in property tax law and help Compass stay ahead.


The technology will continue to advance with new features including AI.


Compass holds full accountability of the platform and calculations.


We trust our calculations and its ability to indemnify risk.

Meet the team

Ryan Hannah

Managing Director

Christopher Avery


Neil Wood

Head of Partner Success

Lidia Quinlan

Senior Consultant
Partner Success

Jenni Menzies

Client Relations Manager

Alex Mitchell

Head of Development

Callum Sinclair

Head of Quality Control

Amy Mason

HR & Administration Manager

Marc Boegem

Software Developer

Welcome to the new age of property tax