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Simplify UK Property Tax Calculations with Compass

Calculating UK Land Tax can be complex and time-consuming. With different calculation methods, sub-types, and variations for Freehold, Leasehold, Residential, and Non-Residential properties, it’s easy to get lost in the intricacies. Add to that the 50 UK reliefs that can apply, and it becomes clear that only dedicated experts can hope to navigate this maze.

Asking more questions means better results.

We estimate that up to 30% of all law firm’s transactions are incorrectly calculated. The main reason? Not enough questions are asked. The missing information is not factored into calculations and as a result the calculations are incorrect.

With Compass, you no longer need to be a tax expert to ensure accurate calculations. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the process, adapting dynamically to changes in your situation. By answering simple binary yes/no questions, you can confidently calculate the property tax.

We calculate for (but not limited to)
Higher Rate for Additional Dwellings (HRAD)

The complexities on when, and to whom, HRAD applies are completely solved within Compass. HRAD can be quite difficult to decipher, especially when clients aren’t just buying second homes or if they have previously sold a home but not immediately replaced it. Further complexities arise when looking at it’s interaction with other parts of SDLT such as the Non-Resident Surcharge, Mixed use, or any reliefs.

Worry no more! Compass guides you through the right questions, and accurately analyses the exposure to HRAD in each case.

The Non-Resident Surcharge

Now, even lifetime UK residents can be caught by this if they’ve spent too much time outside of the UK in the year before completion. Further complicating it are exemptions for certain property types, company types, and additional complexities for Partnerships where one or more of the partners meets the overcomplicated tests.

Fortunately, Compass has all these complexities analysed and calculated!

Residential, Mixed, Commercial.

Understanding the type of property can be challenging due to the intricate legal nuances. It's so complex that even experts have engaged in ongoing discussions with HMRC for years, seeking clarity.

We stay updated with the latest case law and guidance from HMRC to ensure your calculations are always accurate and up-to-date!

Annexes, and Multiple Dwellings Relief

This is a highly miscalculated area, one which “Ambulance Chasers” are hot on the heels of. Any property that had the word “Annexe” listed against it online will receive a letter from these companies immediately after completion. Unfortunately, there are some hidden complexities with the definition of Annexe for tax purposes that means spurious claims are being raised fairly too often.

Using Compass, any annexe will be analysed for its legal viability for the relief and your clients will never overpay in the specialised area.

Other UK Reliefs.

There are now 50 UK reliefs, each one with its own set of conditions and legal standards to meet. These get even further complex when their conditions require accurate analysis of the points above. Sometimes the relief can be completely invalided based on these factors.

Compass accounts for all these complexities, their interactions, and their final application.


Leases are some of the most complicated parts of tax legislation. To even further complicate things, leases that involve a premium paid must account for all the above and analyse the exposure to tax accurately. The tax calculation for leases involves an incredibly complicated time discounted rate formula – and these are the simple kinds of Leases. When considering rent free periods, transitional events, substantial performance and more; the complexity rapidly skyrockets.

Compass has developed the most in-depth, accurate, and easy to use calculator ever devised. With 62 lease types and sub-types we are able to calculate more, faster, than any other product on the market. For firms that would have avoided complex leasehold matters, you can now use compass as a value-add and capture paid work you would otherwise have had to avoid.

Expert partnerships

For some complex cases, compass provides expert assessments from our recommended tax partners, guaranteeing that 100% of transactions are risk-assessed correctly. We understand that each transaction is unique, and our system takes into account the interactions between various factors to deliver precise results.

Eliminate Miscalculations and Save Time

Without Compass, an estimated 20% of UK transactions are miscalculated, leading to potential financial losses or compliance issues. By using Compass, you can eliminate the risk of errors and save valuable time that can be better spent on other important tasks.

Time to get started with the future of property tax.